How studying the Mantis Shrimp can increase any composite materials’ performance – Chad Wasilenkoff

  • 35:15


Chad Wasilenkoff, CEO of Helicoid Industry, shares his background as a serial entrepreneur and his investment strategy. He discusses his approach to buying, building, and growing companies, highlighting examples from his diverse portfolio. Chad also introduces Eliquid Industry and its innovative Helicoid technology, which improves the performance of composites. He explains the process of engaging customers, conducting simulations, and implementing licenses. Chad shares his vision for the company and plans for future growth.


  • Chad’s investment strategy involves buying, building, and growing companies, often targeting undervalued or out-of-favor industries.
  • He focuses on opportunities with a clear path to increased value and is willing to get involved in the company’s operations.
  • Eliquid Industry’s Helicoid technology improves the performance of composites, offering benefits such as increased strength, impact resistance, and weight reduction.
  • The company engages customers through presentations, simulations, and testing, and offers licensing options for implementing the Helicoid technology.

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