Designing Embedded Database for the Aerospace & Defense – Scott Meder

  • 24:02


In this podcast episode, Jeremy interviews Scott Meder, the Director of Sales at Raima, a company specializing in embedded database systems for the aerospace and defense industry. Scott shares his personal background and the founding of Raima by two engineers from Boeing. He explains the specificity of embedded databases in aerospace and defense and discusses the use cases in various applications. Scott also touches on the certification process and the competitive landscape in the industry. He concludes by discussing future trends and offering advice for companies in the market.


  • Raima is an embedded database systems company targeting the aerospace and defense industry.
  • Embedded databases in aerospace and defense are reliable, secure, and have a small footprint.
  • Raima has been used in applications such as AWACS, marine helicopters, and mission control systems.
  • The certification process for aerospace and defense software is rigorous and involves thorough code review and documentation.

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